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  • Alejandro Penaloza-Vazquez
  • Patricia Rayas-Duarte



Project TitleIsolation of bioactive compounds from Tremella spp.
Track Code2014-030
Short DescriptionNone
TagsBiotech & Pharmaceutical
Posted DateJul 5, 2016 4:44 PM


Alejandro Penaloza-Vazquez
Patricia Rayas-Duarte


Scott Davis


Since the beginning of the 21st century, fungi have been known for their extraordinary medicinal qualities. Tremella spp. is a yeast-like fungus that has been conventional utilized for pharmaceuticals and is still being explored for additional medicinal properties. Of particular interest are its extracellular polysaccharides (exopolysaccharides) which have been associated with the enhancement of the immune system in humans. Though improvements have been made in the growing process of Tremella, researchers are actively working to optimize processes for growing, producing, and isolating it.


OSU researchers have developed the technology to optimally manufacture and isolate bioactive compounds produced by Tremella spp.. This invention details the conditions necessary to efficiently grow Tremella asexually in submerged cultures, in order to optimize the production and isolation of bioactive compounds from liquid media.

Potential Applications

  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutical

Main Advantages

  • Optimal production and isolation of bioactive compounds

Stage of Development

Conceptual stage.

Contact Information

Please contact OSU’s Technology Development Center at for more information.