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  • Sandip Harimkar
  • S. Alavi



Project TitleUltrasonic Vibration Assisted Continuous Wave Laser Surface Drilling
Track Code2015-018
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Posted DateMar 28, 2017 10:15 AM


Sandip Harimkar
S. Alavi


Russell Hopper


Pulsed lasers are commonly used for laser drilling applications. The pulsed laser irradiation causes substrate melting and evaporation at the melt surface. The resultant evaporation-induced recoil pressure expels the melt radially outside the hole. The melt expulsion is recognized as the most efficient material removal mechanism at the lower laser powers. In this technology, simultaneous application of ultrasonic vibrations to the workpiece during continuous wave laser surface melting results in efficient melt explosion, creating deep craters and micro-holes. The new process offer significant advantages in terms of efficiency of laser drilling and metallurgical and geometric quality of the laser drilled holes in the materials. 


This technology proposes a new approach for a continuous wave CO2 laser drilling with the simultaneous application of ultrasonic vibrations. The ultrasonic vibration of frequency of 20 KHz and amplitudes in the range of about 20-50 µm facilitate the material removal/melt expulsion by droplet ejection and vertical flow of melt from the laser melted region, creating holes. The geometric features such as diameter/depth and aspect ratio of the laser drilled holes are greatly influenced by the power output (vibration amplitude) of the applied ultrasonic vibrations. For the similar laser processing parameters (power, irradiation time, and focusing distance), higher ultrasonic power outputs form higher aspect ratio holes. 

Potential Applications

·         Turbine engines

·         Aircraft propulsion

·         Power generation 

Main Advantages

·         Increased efficiency

·         Increased metallurgical and geometric quality of the laser drilled holes 

Stage of Development

Proof of concept 

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